ScholaNoctis Ltd. - Solutions and Consultancy

Software and Platform Consultancy, Software Development and Hosting for Free Thinkers

So, why ScholaNoctis?

Our company name is a loan-word translation of the term 'School of Night' which is a modern term used to describe a loosely affiliated group of free thinkers from the late Elizabethan period in England. Referred to at the the time as 'The School of Atheists', their number included Marlowe, Raleigh and Harriot - as well as the rumour of the Earl of Northumberland - and they were all men who challenged the establishment in terms of their thinking and beliefs.

ScholaNoctis as a technology consultancy and software development house prizes radical and cutting-edge thinking alongside the adoption of tried and tested methodologies to bring innovation and quality into lock-step for our clients.

Championing the current wave of paradigm shaping developments in technology, such as Cloud Deployment, Continuous Delivery, TDD / BDD and the return to the sun for Functional Programming, we can offer quick results and genuine longevity from the systems that we build.

Some of our favourite technologies include:

  • Clojure, Clojurescript, NodeJS, Ruby and Python
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Datomic, XTDB
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch